The Centre for Youth AOD Research and Practiceis an initiative of Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS). YSAS has been a key player and leader in the Youth AOD sector for many years. They have added to the culture and development of the sector in many different ways. One way that has been incredibly important to workers is the access to online tool and supports.

Dealing with substance use issues in schools can be daunting, confronting and challenging. Many experts speak of implementing a whole school approach to ensure students feel supported during  their difficult times. One way to achieve this is to have expert trainers offering drug and alcohol education to school staff, parents, the community and most importantly, to young people themselves.

Working with young people can bring on a full range  of emotions in a days work.

For many  people during their adolescent (teen) years drugs and alcohol will be introduced to their circle of friends.

It can be a very difficult and daunting time for families and carers when they discover a  young person is using substances. It comes with many unexpected ups-and-downs that create a strain on all relationships.



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