The 2015 Youth Needs Census shared great insights into disadvantaged young people accessing youth drug and alcohol services. The findings also helped to shed light on young people who identify as LGBTI and use substances and how at risk they are compared to the general cohort of young people.

In 2015 YSAS and all Victorian Youth AOD services participated in The Youth Needs Census - ThYNC 2015, helping to gather important information on a very unique cohort – Youth substance users accessing services.

This report contributes to a more comprehensive approach to understanding and meeting the training needs of youth AOD workers in responding to Family Violence in Victoria.

Download the publication here.


Adolescence, as described by Ingersoll (1989), is a, “period of personal development during which a young person must establish a personal sense of individual identity and feelings of self worth which include an alteration of his or her body image, adaptation to more mature intellectual abilities, adjustments to society’s demands for behavioral maturity, internalising a personal value system and preparing for adult roles.”

A new brochure describing the care planning model “Care Planning for Resilience” has been published by YSAS and the Centre for Youth AOD Practice Development.



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