Care Planning for Resilience applies evidence from developmental science and resilience research, and has the purpose of creating a motivating plan which addresses the issues that matter to the young person.

The purpose of this report is to provide policy makers and service planners with a deeper understanding of the Youth AOD service system in Victoria as well as offer recommendations to advance practice within the current system. Substance misuse and dependence continues to be a leading cause of harm for Victorian young people and their families.

The aim of this report was to provide youth practitioners and policy makers with the opportunity to contribute to the conversation about best practice in the Youth AOD field, whilst advancing their knowledge and skills in working with young people.

This snapshot provides an overview of an assertive outreach initiative YSAS established to engage and assist African-born young people experiencing serious substance use related problems.

In 2015 the Youth AOD sector partook in The Youth Needs Census, offering a unique insight into some of the most vulnerable young people in the state. The data collected from the census has provided workers with insight and an opportunity to advocate on behalf of their clients.


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