The Centre for Youth AOD Research and Practice believe all young people have the right to experience life’s ups and downs with every opportunity to develop and move through them into adulthood. This can be achieved through helping create purposeful and meaningful connections to community, family and self. Understanding young people, their development and how to create the best opportunities is a key foundation of The Centre for Youth AOD Research and Practice. 

The Centre of Youth AOD Research and Practices mission is to ensure that young people have every chance to thrive through providing the community with high quality research, training and consultation.

Research Aims:

The Centre for Youth AOD will collaborate in research partnerships that provide outcomes and publications to ensure an ever increasing global understanding of young people, substance use and their development.. The research opportunities the team aim to participate in will allow insights into the nature of young people who use substances as well as how best to tailor treatment opportunities and options to their unique needs. The Centre for Youth AOD Research and Training teams will work closely together to ensure any findings from their research will be translated into quality training opportunities for the sector and related workforces.

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Training Aims:

The Centre for Youth AOD aims to develop training opportunities for those working in the youth AOD sector and for anyone working with young people. The training opportunities on offer will include current evidence-based learnings from experts in the fields of youth and substance use to ensure  a highly skilled and understanding workforce.

The Centre for Youth AOD highly values the concept of early intervention and how effective this can be in curbing risk taking behaviours in young people. The Centre for Youth AOD offers an integrated whole school drug education approach. The Centre for Youth AOD’s School Drug Education Program (hyperlink to info page) offers education, information and the opportunity for discussion for school staff, parents and community and students themselves. 

Take the time to meet the team.

The Centre for Youth AOD Research and Practice is an initiative of Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS). YSAS is the leading Youth Drug and Alcohol organisation in Victoria offering counselling, residential services and outreach support to young people. In proudly advocating for, and in collaboration with, young people, YSAS asks all Australians to look beyond the stereotype of those struggling with drug, alcohol and mental health issues, to help build a community where all young people are valued and have every opportunity to thrive.