Given the right conditions all young people can develop their capacity to be resilient and increase control over their alcohol and drug use. These are also the conditions that promote healthy development.

The Centre’s collaborators contribute to creating these conditions by fostering the development of high quality services and initiatives for young people and families affected by AOD problems.

Our mission is to bring together expert practitioners and researchers to develop practical and effective responses to the needs of young people affected by alcohol and other drug (AOD) problems.

The Centre for Youth AOD Practice Development is based at the Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS) in Melbourne, Australia. Being located in a practice setting is ideal for the development of research, training and practice development intitiatives which are responsive to the needs of young people and the practitioners who support them. 

Our staff are committed to creating practical and evidence-informed projects with the overarching aim of improving the lives of disadvantaged young people.