Working with young people can bring on a full range of emotions in a days work. It’s critical that the Youth AOD workforce is supported, offered professional development and the opportunity to better understand young people.

For many people during their adolescent (teen) years drugs and alcohol will be introduced to their circle of friends. It is normal for young people to start questioning drug and alcohol safety, the risks involved and begin voicing their concerns to their friends or loved ones.

It can be a very difficult and daunting time for families and carers when they discover a young person is using substances. It comes with many unexpected ups-and-downs that create a strain on all relationships.

Care Planning for Resilience applies evidence from developmental science and resilience research, and has the purpose of creating a motivating plan which addresses the issues that matter to the young person.

The OoHC Toolbox contains information and guidance on responding to common issues faced by the young people in OoHC, including substance use, self-injury, sexualised behaviours and mental health concerns.


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