Hi everyone at YSAS!

We are conducting a research project exploring the question ‘’How do young people who are involved in the Child Protection system and are accessing drug and alcohol services describe, experience and derive meaning from the music that they listen to?’’

We are trying to find out what music means to young people that have been in Out of Home Care and how it impacts their everyday life. This includes how often young people listen to music, what they like or dislike about it, their favourite songs and artists, as well as how music makes them think and feel. We want to find out what’s important about music in their life, and what makes music meaningful.
YSAS are asking that young people who are in the Out of Home Care system to take part in a 30 minute interview where they will be asked a series of semi structured questions about their music preferences. We are requesting that you as support workers, attend with the young person or available for immediate support to ensure they can safely participated and feel safe and supported. We have attached the plain language statement and consent forms for further information.

If you know of any young people that might be interested, please contact mcameron@ysas.org.au for further info, or to arrange a time for Michael to come and visit your site to conduct the interview.