Meet the Research team

Dr Jacqui Sundbery

General Manager - Research & Practice

Jacqui Sundbery (Ph.D. Fam.Therapy, M. Fam.Therapy, M.A. Perf.Arts, Grad.Dip. Wom.Studies, B.A. (Hons) Perf. Studies) is the General Manager of Research and Practice at YSAS. A background in the arts and community cultural development have informed her current interest in participatory research methodologies that can stimulate, develop and sustain practice in health services. Previously Jacqui has authored practice manuals on family approaches to adolescent substance misuse, coordinated large statewide projects fostering cross-sector collaboration, clinical supervision and practice support and has worked in Aboriginal health to provide culturally safe, relevant and accessible services.

Ora Davidson


Research Officer

Ora Davidson has been working in the Youth Drug and Alcohol Sector for eight years and prior to that as a general Youth Worker. Ora worked with Odyssey House Victoria offering drug and alcohol support, counselling and referral to young people attending Community Schools throughout the state, while supporting their families and the school communities.

A key role while working in the community schools was developing and facilitating evidence based drug and alcohol, mental health and party safe education programs with a harm reduction message.

She developed and implemented programs for disadvantaged young people on the Horace Petty commission flats in Prahran, she worked for local government as a youth program developer and counsellor, as well as working for smaller community based organisations doing generalised youth work.

Ora briefly worked as an Adult Intake Assessor which has led her to believe early intervention programs and creating positive connection for young people using substances is incredibly important to shifting their motivation for using substance.  Ora has been working with YSAS for 3 years as part of the Youth Drug and Alcohol Advice (YoDAA) team, offering support to worried parents, workers and schools needing secondary consult and young people themselves.

Oras passion for research was sparked when she worked alongside the YSAS Research team and the Youth AOD sector to gather data for The 2016 Youth Needs Census. Working on The Youth Needs Census allowed Ora an insight into the importance of research and how valuable understanding this specific cohort of young people is. By understanding the young people we work with Ora believes we are able to create better programs and opportunities, offer appropriate counselling therapies and advocate for them when needed.


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