Covid 19

Covid 19

As the world is quickly changing around us, there are many things that can be lost as we self-isolate and distance ourselves from others. We understand the value of connections to self, work and family/ community during these difficult times. The Centre for Youth AOD wishes to reach out at this time and make sure that workers are provided with accurate information and feel supported to best care for young people.

We will be offering online resources created by our valuable partners at Dovetail along with other tool, tips and highlights to ensure that our workforce is up to date with the latest evidence based resources.

For further information on the Covid 19 situation please refer to the sites below:

For anyone working directly with young people experiencing substance use issues, please contact YSAS on 9415 8881 for further direction or support.

Remember to look after yourselves and reach out to any support person or service if you feel the need. 

Take care and stay safe!



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