YSAS School Presentation Service

The Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS)  has launched a School Presentation Service!

Our presentations are developed from an evidence-base of ‘what works’ in school drug education programs.

School presentations by YSAS are supported by over 20 years of direct practice with young people who have substance-related problems.

Our goal:

To empower student choices through education about drugs and alcohol

The learning outcomes can be discussed to meet the needs of your teachers and students.

School Presentations:

  • Tailored for junior and senior secondary students
  • Based on current best practice for school students
  • 45 minutes interactive session with experienced Youth Workers

Evidence-based Session topics

This focuses on:

  • What drugs are
  • Why young people use drugs
  • Myth-busting
  • Alcohol and cannabis
  • Safe partying
  • Harm reduction
  • Help-seeking

Contact us:

Karina Belloti

YSAS Head Office

03 9415 8881 or training@ysas.org.au

We are here to help!

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