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"I would like to extend my gratitude for yesterday's workshop, it was so informative and enabled us to gain a better understanding and insight to what it feels like for young adults and their experiences. We had great fun learning and it was great to have someone so open to ask questions without judgement, it was very obvious to us how passionate you feel about working with young adults. We all felt very inspired and motivated with our decision to work with people in the community."  (Workforce development - Gippsland)

Training and presentations by YSAS and the Centre for Youth AOD practice Development are developed from over 20 years of direct practice experience supporting young people who have drug problems.

Our courses and presentations are underpinned by an evidence-base, and the practice knowledge of senior youth work practitioners.

We provide:

  • Workforce training
  • School presentations (Teachers/Students)
  • Parent & Community sessions
  • Workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Panel presentations

Our Expertise:

  • Young people (12-25) and Alcohol and other Drugs (AOD)
  • Engaging Young People
  • Adolescent Development and Developmentally-Responsive Practice
  • Resilience-based practice
  • Harm reduction
  • Prevention & Early Intervention with Young People
  • AOD for Out of Home Care providersLog out
  • Understanding Methamphetamines (ice)

Examples of Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the effects of drugs that are commonly used by young people; including intoxication, come-down, withdrawal, risks and other effects
  • Learn the street names of drugs, the amounts and costs, methods of use, nature of trade
  • Develop an understanding of the function of drug use for young people, and how it relates to adolescent development
  • Learn the skills on how to actively engage with young people and communicate about drug use, including how to respond when a young person is intoxicated
  • Understand how to address myths and the concerns of parents about young people’s drug use, and how to encourage them to talk about it helpfully with their young people
  • Gain knowledge of harm reduction strategies
  • Learn the Stages of Change concept, and how it relates to young people
  • Acquire practical knowledge of the youth AOD support and treatment system

School Student Presentations:  Young People, Alcohol and Drugs

  • Tailored for Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 students
  • Based on current best practice for school students
  • 45 minutes interactive session with experienced Youth Workers

Our Trainers

Our trainers are current youth work practitioners with extensive field experience, and they bring that deep understanding and applied knowledge to their delivery.

Flexible Options:

  • Standard Training Packages: We have several ‘standard’ training packages of our most  popular topics which may meet your organisation’s needs.
  • Customised Training: Our staff will develop a training package specific to your learning needs and time-frames.
  • Blended Learning: We have a range of online e-leaning courses that can support and compliment direct training delivery.

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For further information contact:

Centre for Youth AOD Practice Development


p. 03 9415 8881

"I certainly will be keen to book your organisation again." (Secondary School - Melbourne)

"YSAS was probably one of the best drug and alcohol presentations I've been a part of. I believe Melissa was my speaker. Just like the sex ed class, Melissa spoke to us like we were adults and recognised that we're allowed to make these  decisions for ourselves now. Where as in previous presentations it sounds like they're telling us not get involved with alcohol or drugs at all which is pretty ridiculous because it's around everywhere. We were told to be careful with our decisions and how to avoid bad situations, by having a sober friend, having a way home, not mixing drugs ect." (Year 12 student - Melbourne)

workforce development, school presentations

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