Training & Presentations

The Centre for Youth AOD Research and Practice offers high qaulity, evidanced based training opportunities to the Youth AOD workforce and related communties. 


Our Trainers:

Our trainers are current youth work practitioners with extensive field experience, and they bring that deep understanding and applied knowledge to their delivery.

The training opportunities that are avaliable are:

  • Workforce training
  • School presentations (Teachers/Students)
  • Parent & Community sessions
  • Workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Panel presentations

Examples of Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the effects of drugs that are commonly used by young people; including intoxication, come-down, withdrawal, risks and other effects
  • Learn the street names of drugs, the amounts and costs, methods of use, nature of trade
  • Develop an understanding of the function of drug use for young people, and how it relates to adolescent development
  • Learn the skills on how to actively engage with young people and communicate about drug use, including how to respond when a young person is intoxicated
  • Understand how to address myths and the concerns of parents about young people’s drug use
  • Gain knowledge of harm reduction strategies
  • Learn the Stages of Change concept, and how it relates to young people
  • Acquire practical knowledge of the youth AOD support and treatment syste

For further information contact our training team or 03 9415 8881. 


workforce development, school presentations

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