ThYNC 2016 - Youth Needs Census

Thank you to all workers and young people for participating in ThYNC 2016.

We reached 850 completed forms!   

The census reveals the scale of the drug and alcohol problems affecting young Victorians.

Senior Researcher Dr Karen Hallam said of the 850 young people surveyed between the ages of 14 and 26 who had engaged with alcohol and drug services, almost half were dependent on cannabis and about 11 per cent on alcohol.

 A little snapshot of 850 young people:

  • 51 per cent have experienced emotional abuse
  • 39 per cent physical abuse
  • 36 per cent have experienced neglect.
  • 22 per cent were victims of violent crime
  • 17 per cent sexual abuse

Download the 2016 ThYNC here.

The Census results discussed by YSAS CEO, Andrew Bruun on ABC News: 'Nowhere near enough' youth workers to address issues behind Victoria's teen crime problem - By James Hancock 



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