A new brochure describing the care planning model “Care Planning for Resilience” has been published by YSAS and the Centre for Youth AOD Practice Development.

Care Planning for Resilience applies evidence from developmental science and resilience research, and has the purpose of creating a motivating plan which addresses the issues that matter to the young person.

New Section in the Out of Home Care Toolbox

The team at the Centre for Youth AOD Practice Development are pleased to announce the release of a new section in the Out Of Home Care Toolbox on Emotion Regulation. This introductory section has been written in a style to directly address a young person, or to give their carers a way of talking about, and tools to assist their young person with intense emotions. 

With support from the Sidney Myer Fund, the Centre for Youth AOD Practice Development at YSAS has created a resource for Resi Care workers and Foster Carers. The OoHC Toolbox contains information and guidance on responding to common issues faced by the young people in OoHC, including substance use, self-injury, sexualised behaviours and mental health concerns. Check out the Toolbox at

Youth AOD Learning Hub

The Youth AOD Learning Hub has been developed. It provides practitioners with a structured, guided course through the skills and knowledge necessary to be effective in Youth AOD practice. Clinical supervisors will also be able to utilise the Hub through the Reflective Practice Guides for Supervisors provided with each Course. 

Youth AOD Toolbox

The Youth AOD Toolbox integrates the best available evidence with direct practice experience to provide a practical and comprehensive guide to working with young people affected by drug and alcohol related problems.


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