About the Conference


Our theme: "Identity"

Every person needs a coherent sense of self and their place in the world in order to thrive.

Adverse life experiences can influence identity – impacting coping, relationships, and connection to community.

We will explore how young people develop their identity, how these identities can change and grow, and how youth workers can have a positive influence on this process.

Conference participants will also have the opportunity to explore their own identity as workers, and how this can be utilised in practice.

Australian Youth AOD Conference

This is Australia’s only conference dedicated to Youth Alcohol other Drugs (AOD) work, and the only sector-wide practice development opportunity for Youth AOD in Victoria.

This is not a ‘typical’ conference. It’s more like an intensive 2-day learning and practice advancement experience.

We give youth workers the opportunity to learn about new and emerging ideas, and a chance to ‘step back’ from the work for a couple of days and look at the bigger picture.

The workshops provide the opportunity to examine a new area of practice, or look more deeply at a topic, and build skills.

It is the rare opportunity to meet the people who are our colleagues, form connections without the urgency of a referral, and create a more cohesive sector to better respond to the need of young people.

New Venue! 

August 17-18, 2017

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